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God's Intervention In The Odyssey

Devine intervention means that other powers that people believe in interfere. Devine intervention in Odyssey shows and reviled that gods get involved and interfere with Poseidon. Poseidon comes in to intervene after a visit of Odysseus to the Cyclops and makes his son blind. Odysseus then talks to the Polyphemus and tells him who he is including his name. Polyphemus then reacts by getting Poseidon to take revenge. Poseidon in the attempts of revenge does something to accuse and create a storm that is so tremendous. T6his happens when Odysseus, leaves the Ogygia’s island. The storm almost causes his death. Then In a struggle with this storm, Odysseus is lucky to get finally to Sherrie the land of Phaecians. Poseidon intervenes with him and thus makes his journey even longer. Odysseus is taken hostage after he is captured by Calypso. It takes the gods effort to have him on the rescue safe.

Athena’s Intervention

Odysseus somehow seems to be a strong character. Goddesses look at him as a hero in the story. They view him as one among the unbeatable. The goddess sometimes canceled meetings of the gods as they a persuasion to Calypso, who had held Odysseus to let him free. The goddesses put in Odysseus’ son a spirit and advise the son to confront the gods and suitors in public. She wants the boy to find out where the father is. The other time she does the intervening is when she arranges a rescue for Odysseus through Menelaus and Nester in case Odysseus was seen ashore. The concerns and the intervention Athena portrays in the story shows the much he cared and worried of Odysseus.

Other Gods’ Intervention

Athena does all the interventions in the attempts to rescue Odysseus. She has the determination to see him back home and safe by doing all she can. One reason is that Athena likes Odysseus. The wind God also intervenes by providing Odysseus with all the wind to prevent him from getting to Ithaca. The crew was curious and thought that the wind was the treasure. On tearing the bag, though, all the wind went bout. They were, however, all through back far to the island of Aeolus. Zeus a God also intervenes. And offering help to destroy and finish the sun gods. The Zeus also sends a strong and destructive storm that kills all the rest and spares Odysseus.