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The Scarlet Letter

This book starts with narration story of how the book was written. The narrator is unidentified, and all we know is the gender and the narrator is a male. The narrator discovers a manuscript with a piece of cloth with letter A. This manuscript had a calendar of events dated about two hundred years ago. However, the narrator misplaces the manuscript. He, therefore, decides to write a fictional work detailing everything he could remember from the letter.

The Story

The story begins in Boston during the seventeenth century. Hester, a young lady, was sent to Boston by her husband. Her husband did not show up in Boston. Hester waits for the husband in Boston. As she waits for the time the arrival, she gets into an affair with a man in Boston. They fall in love and Hester gets a child out of wedlock. This is a recap of what had happened before. It was being narrated by an onlooker as Hester is being escorted from prison. She has her daughter in her hands and a piece of cloth “A” in shape hanging from her breast. The onlooker continues to say that Hester gets punished for adultery. Hester is moved into the town where some fathers are paraded. Her husband wants her to name the father of her child, which she refuses. In the meantime, the onlooker is Hester’s missing husband Roger and is practicing medicine. He has settled in Boston and is determined to carry out revenge on the wife. All, this time, Hester, who has been shunned by the community, takes a job seamstress job to support herself and the daughter. There are attempts by the government to take away the young girl from Hester. Luckily, she gets help from Arthur an eloquent and young minister.

Who was the Father

Hester gets a lot of support from the young minister. Her human nature also earns her some respect, and she gets some acceptance from the community. Chillingworth continues to suffer from a secret they have been keeping with Hester. Dimmesdale moves on to take care of the unwell minister. He notices the close relationship between Hester and the minister. When he knows the truth, they plan to elope with Hester. Hester is still hesitant to confess him publicly as the father. On the eve of eloping, Chillingworth appears after e mass and reveals his A mark on the chest. He collapses and dies. Dimmesdale dies a year later. Hester continues to keep her A cloth.