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David Mccullough

David is one of the best American Authors known. He has great passion in history. He has done narrating almost throughout his life despite being a lecture. David was born on the 7th July 1933. His parents were Ruth and Christian Hax. He has three brothers. David went to school in his home area Pittsburgh. At school, he had a broad range of interests. He was mostly involved in drawing cartoons and sports. He was also very lucky to have parents that encouraged him to read. While at home, David had the chance to learn a lot of things. His parents and even his grandmother read many books and stories to him. His parents also loved to discuss with him a lot of history and he was very interested. His love for history could have grown during this time.


After high school, David was not sure of the career that he was going to follow. He had many things that he had an interest in. This made it difficult to make a decision on what to pursue. He, however, joined Yale University to study English. He considered this as a lifetime opportunity because of the faculty members that he met there. When at Yale, he got involved in many things. He joined the Skull and Bones group. He also got a chance to serve in the United States Information Agency. David always liked what he did and at this time he realized how fun it was to be involved in the research. During this period, he wrote a lot and always had fun doing it. It was at this point that he realized what he really wanted to do in life. Again he felt that he wanted to do fiction writing. He later on graduated from Yale in the year 1955.

Writing Career and Success

Immediately after graduation, David got a chance to work with Sports Illustrated as a trainee. He learned a lot before later on joining United States Information Agency to start a career. He had a good time and worked for twelve years. During this time, he had a chance to work as an editor and writer. by this time, he felt certain that he had learned a lot and was nice if he tried other things on his own. He wrote about the Johnstown Flood. This was his first work and it received a lot of positive critics. This led to him getting contract offers. This was the first step of his writing career.