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Does Age Matter In A Relationship

The issue of age difference in a relationship is a debate that hits whenever it comes up. Actually every person has got their own take on the issue. It however happens that people no longer care about what others think and are ready to pursue their happiness what so ever. This is common with males as they will go out of their way to woo people they feel attracted to even without first taking time to learn their age. Many won’t consider asking about their partner’s age up front because they consider it a bad rude trait and are not ready to show it in the early stages of a relationship.

I am sure that you have come about the cliché that “age does not matter with love”. This is however a gospel truth to and many will write it off even before you are done saying it. This will depend on how their relationship with an age difference turned out to be. There are many married couples with a very wide age gap between them and have successfully learnt to appreciate each other and not let the age gap work negatively for them. On the other hand, other relationships which began without knowing the partner’s age could not even pass a test of getting through a summer. There are so many two quarter a year affairs today thanks to the age difference and the society never frowns about it.

According to marriage experts and counselors, it is the altitude of the partners and how they handle their relationship going forward that determines the success of a relationship with an age gap. The success of a marital bond mostly depends on an individual’s deposition. That is why there are many couples with many years in between them today. Males consider younger women attractive and a source of new energy and are ready to spend time with them. Women too marry younger husbands for satisfaction. Women may also look out for older men who they think that have the maturity and self confidence. They seek for someone who has experience and understand them better and provide guidance about their lives.

It is however clear that if you make age an issue then it will out rightly affect your relationship. The most important thing is to maintain a good communication between you and your partner. If you cannot accept your partner with all your heart, then you may never be able to move on freely and to adjust your differences with lesser problems.