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The Market Revolution

The market revolution that was realized in the United States between 1793 and 1909 was a very drastic change in the manner in which manual labor was done in America. This development was defined through developments in the processing of goods and fabrication processes along with a transformation of the manner in which labor was planned to process trade goods needed for consumption. Conventional commerce was made obsolete through improvements that were made in the communication and transportation industry. This change was what led to the reincarnation of what was known as the mercantilist ideas that were believed to have died completely.

During this time, the United States experienced increased industrialization stemming up from the industrial revolution. The cities in the north began to gain powerful economies as those in the south did not show any signs of influence by the forces of the market. The south was characterized by free labor metropolises such as in St. Louis, New Orleans and Baltimore. This was partly facilitated through the increasing need for national mobility that happened to be an issue during the 1812 war, when the government later increased the construction of early extensive canals in navigable waterways, roads and afterwards very elaborate networks of railroad.

Market revolution has to do with the expansion and widening if the market place that took place in the better part of the nineteenth Century United States. This was mainly facilitated by this construction of infrastructures that were needed to link distant communities for the first time ever. There was a lot of inspiration with success realized in the Erie Canal that saw the pouring out of millions by states into the networks of transportation that promoted economic growth. The concept of market revolution mainly referred to the new strategies that were adapted by manufacturers and farmers towards their work.

This was a very momentous time in history that saw the accessibility of lucrative markets possible and therefore, production for the market started instead of personal consumption alone. The people engaged in well-defined calculations meant to maximize profits in the already developed markets. The market revolution brought up big opportunities to some craftsmen, farmers and entrepreneurs. All the same, the most significant development was found in the people who understood how to work out the market in securing capital, planning for transportation, distribution and advertisement of goods. In some way, it decreased the chances of others to grow economically.