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The Power Of The Roman And Persian Empires

In the history of mankind arose and died many civilizations, with many of them left a noticeable mark; they laid the foundation for the further development of mankind. We would like to highlight two ancient empires such as the Roman and Persian.

These civilizations - Roman and Persian - formed during the conduct of internecine and later wars of conquest.

From II. BC after the victory over Carthage and Macedonia Roman dominates the whole of the land bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The power of the Roman Empire was based, first and foremost, of course, on its army. Another important factor in the formation of the Roman Empire was the formation of a special system of values. The ideology of Roman citizens was based on patriotism, they also saw themselves as the chosen people and invincible. It was in the Roman Empire was founded Roman law, which was the main legal systems of many in the future. At the time of the Roman Empire came the idea of citizenship and the system itself civic values: justice, courage, honor and freedom.

Under the Persian Empire, scientists and historians have in mind several States: Empire Ahmenidov (550-330 BC. E.); Parthia or Arshahidov Empire (250 to 227g n.e.-. BC) Sasanian Empire or the Sassanid Empire (226 - 651 BC). The Roman Empire bordered on the east by the Empire Arshahidov. Initially, the army of the Empire Arshahidov was irregular and was formed from the nomadic tribes. A characteristic feature is the large number cavalry archers. Later, to I in. BC appears heavily armored cavalry - cataphracts.

By convention '92 BC. e. boundary between Parthia and Rome was recognized as the Euphrates. Roman troops under the command of Marcus Licinius Crassus invaded Mesopotamia. It is a member of Parthia, but Roman army suffered a crushing defeat. By 40 BC. e. Parthians conquered almost all of Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine. This threatens the dominion of Rome, and in 39-37 BC. e. Romans regained control over these areas, but the defeat of Antony (36 BC. e.) in Media Atropatena halt the advance of Rome beyond the Euphrates. From the time of Emperor Augustus Roman emperors interfered in the struggle for the throne between the Parthian Parthian political groups.

In general, the power and domination of the Persian Empire, as well as the Roman, it was based on military strength, and also on public administration, laws. On the one hand the Persian system of government, allows to control the big conquered territories, on the other hand, do not oppress the conquered country. Such a way, Roman Empire, as well as Persian, has a vast territory, was clearly organized with the help of perfectly staged military affairs. Also exaltation and the establishment of the empire contributed to the development of jurisprudence, as well as strict organization and arrangement already conquered countries.