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The Benefits Of Less Homework: Expert Opinion

The act of giving homework is part of the teaching experience to most educators. They take it for granted as something that will be expected of them from students to parents alike. There are many reasons to give students assignments to complete at home but for various scientific reasons, it may be a better idea to give less of it. Here’s why:

There is a saturation point to learning

Depending on how long a student has been plugging away at an assignment, the point can be reached past which no additional learning takes place. A child may even begin to forget some of what was learned before just because he or she is too tired to form proper memories.

Some assignments are too hard for students to complete alone

If a project is too difficult for a child to do on his or her own, the parents may step in to provide assistance. The problem here is that many children are not able to get quality help from their parents. Drug addiction, lack of education or just simply being very busy can make a parent unable to give the type of assistance that an assignment requires to be completed. This gives children from disadvantaged homes at an even greater disadvantage which is something no teacher should take lightly.

Time spent on homework could be better allocated

There are children who would take their extra free time and devote it to an educational pastime or even start a lucrative business. It is unfair to take up more of their free time than is absolutely necessary just because other kids are rule breakers.

The more homework a student gets the greater the motivation to cheat

There are people who will do what they are instructed with no deviations or only minor ones as long as what they are told to do is fairly simple to accomplish. Once they have more to do than they feel prepared for, the desire to have an easier way increases. Some children exchange answers and as a result end up doing something closer to the level of homework they can actually handle. Others who have enough money may end up outsourcing their assignments entirely to freelancers. This is much more simple than for any other generation but results in very little learning if any at all.

It may be a thin line to walk but teachers need to find just the right level of assignments.