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What Is Was Like To Be A Soldier During The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is viewed by many people as having been a waste of time and resources. While many Americans are proud of the World War Two, they view The Vietnam War as a disaster. Many people do not believe that America had a reason for going to the war in the first place. Many people think that it was a political war that was aimed at benefiting only a few. The damage that resulted from the war was big. America lost many soldiers during the war. In the Vietnam War, the average minimum age of the soldiers that were in it was around nineteen years. This was a very young age. Most of them died in the war and others were wounded. America lost a lot of potential youth to the war and it is for this reason that this war remains as the most hated of all wars that America got into.

During the War

Unlike in the World War Two, the organization in the Vietnam War was poor. The soldiers were rotated in individualized tours for duty. This was a hard thing as they did not go to war as a unit. It was thus very difficult for the soldiers to adapt in the war. Many changed a lot. They got involved in drugs to help them cope with the pressure of the war. This had a great impact on their lives. They could not quit using drugs even after returning home. Many of them lost friends in the war. It is a traumatizing thing when you lose a unit mate in the war. During the war, soldiers had to cut off communication with their families. They were only allowed to do letter. In the event that you got injured, you were not flown back to your country immediately. They were first taken to China and were allowed home after they recovered.

Stress after the War

The most difficult time for the soldiers was during their return after the war. They did not receive a warm reception. This is what troubled the soldiers emotionally. They thought that they were at war for their country. Since many people did not see the importance of the war, they did not care about what the soldiers went through in it. The community was hostile to the veterans who made it after the war. The government did not have programs to help the soldiers to cope with the life after the war.