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Great Tutoring For Free: How To Find A Homework Helper

A free online tutor can help you solve your homework by explaining it to you. Learn how to find a qualified helper online.

  • Identify your needs.
  • Ask yourself why you need a tutor. Do you want to better understand a particular concept or prepare for exams? Next, determine in what time of day you are most attentive. To get the most out of your tutoring sessions, appoint them for this time. It might limit your choice (not all tutors may be ready to work at those hours), but it will also make your learning more effective.

  • Browse for free tutors.
  • Finding free homework help is not really a challenge today. Any search engine would gladly yield lots of links. However, some promises might be misleading, with the word “free” referring to a trial session instead of regular tutorship. Read the terms and conditions on every website you visit to make sure you would not have to spend more than you are willing to.

  • Compare tutor profiles.
  • Make a list of free tutors who deal with your subject or your kind of problem. Compare their skills and qualifications – every trustworthy tutor should have them stated on his or her profile. Make sure that this teacher is ready to help students of your academic level. If you are in college, a tutor who only helps high school students is not for you.

    If a tutoring website has some kind of rating system, it is a huge plus. Online teachers with the highest ratings (“5 stars”) are usually the most professional and helpful.

  • View student feedback on this tutor.
  • Although user reviews are not to be trusted blindly (they can easily be faked, after all), they can provide useful information. Look for comments that indicate that this tutor is flexible in respect to working hours. A helper who is ready to meet your schedule is better than one who is not.

  • Ask for a free session.
  • A possible way of getting great tutorship for free is to ask a paid tutor for a free first lesson. Many tutoring websites recommend that their staff accept such offers. When trying their service for free, a customer can make sure that the quality is high and will become more willing to pay for the following sessions. For you, it is a great opportunity to compare the quality of paid and free tutorships. Whatever you decide from this – to use a free tutor or to pay a reasonable fee for more advanced help –will help you make an informed choice.