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How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Assignment Writing Services: 5 Simple Tricks

Assignment writing services are all the rage these days. Hoards of students look towards these services as their rescuer in hard times. Homework continues to weigh heavily on students hearts, minds, and lives. The mountainous mass of assignments that keeps on growing is here to stay, at least till an educational revolution uproots it. For now, Do My Homework 123 writing service is a godsend for all those who are overwhelmed with the burden of assignments combined with the rest of life’s many engagements. Since academic writing services are a profitable business, some unscrupulous players pursue it too. These people are least concerned with your problems or their solution. All they are worried about is making some extra dough off your desperation. This does not mean you should stop dead in your tracks. All you need is a nose that smells frauds and other troubles before they happen. Here are a few signs that your prospective writing service may be a fraud and tricks to avoid being scammed:

  1. Trick #1: Do NOT give your credit card information online unless you are filling up a secure form. Even if the payment mode is secure, you need to be certain of the genuineness of the academic writing service.
  2. Trick #2: Look at the contact information and staff member lists etc. before you make a decision. A genuine company will proudly advertise its staff and provide email addresses for ease of access. Do not fall for a company that does not give any specific information and email addresses. Chances are there is no staff there!
  3. Trick #3: Check the address: Does the agency have a street address? An online presence and a big digital footprint are all very well, but what can you do if the website and everything else online disappears overnight? A brick and mortar office (even if it is one room) is better guarantee of a real existence than a vast website.
  4. Trick #4: Do not pay before you discuss with more than one representative of the company using more than one mode of communication. For example, a phone call along with an email makes double sure that you are dealing with real people. Of course, nothing can beat a visit to the office, so does it if possible?
  5. Trick #5: Listen to others. Others who have used such services in the past with success are your best bet! You can sit back and relax after giving your assignment to a proven entity.