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How to Do My Homework in an Hour: Tips & Tricks

Even though students get overwhelmed with homework very fast and dislike doing it, their teachers continue to assign it. If you wonder why your friends are able to finish their homework and still have time to enjoy the rest of the day, you should know that they have figured out a system to get it done quickly and efficiently. You should also know that what they do is not magic; they have just developed the tricks to get it done. You can do the exact same thing. Here are some of the tips and tricks:

  • Read every night. If you know that you have to read a book by a certain day, take time to read some of it every night. Instead of trying to cram the entire book into one night (usually the night before the test), you can relax while everyone else is cramming. In most cases, you only need to read 20 or 30 minutes each night to get the job done.
  • Take good notes. Homework gets easier when you prepare during class. The best way to get through your homework quickly is to take good notes during class because you can use them while completing your assignments at home. If you do not have the right notes, then you have to waste time looking up information online or bugging your friends.
  • Start your homework at school. If you are given some time in class to get work done, do it. Instead of taking the time to talk to your classmates or send a text message, you can get some of your homework done and reduce the amount you have to finish at home.
  • Put away your phone. When you are doing your homework, you should put your phone away until you get everything done. If you know that your technology will distract you, get the distraction out of the room. Use a real calculator if you need to do math or use a print out of the periodic table of elements. Know your weaknesses and do not feed them.
  • Prioritize your work. If you know that your math teacher checks every problem, but your chemistry teacher only takes a quick glance at your work, then you should spend more time on the math then the chemistry. Put your best effort into doing the work that will affect your grade the most, especially if that work is for test preparation.