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Keeping Calm In A Traffic Jam

Road rage has led to many additional problems from elevated blood pressure to actual loss of life. All of this can begin with the backup of cars that we know as a traffic jam. That inability to drive any faster than absolute crawl can be difficult to deal with but if nothing else can be done, you just have to wait until it is over. Screaming at the other drivers will do nothing to help the situation even if your instincts direct you to do just that. Here we can look at some of the most useful methods of maintaining your calm in this very common stressful situation.

Try Deep Breathing

If you can focus on your breath as it flows in and out of your longs and slow it down considerably after several breaths you will find yourself becoming more relaxed. This is a physical response so no matter what is going on you will find this occurring if you try this trick. It may not be instant and if the situation is tense enough it can be extremely difficult to focus on taking those deep cleansing breaths but if you can remain focused, it will pay off.

Listen to some music you like

Music is another very powerful way to change your mood. If you want to become calm, put on a mellow track and sing along. Make sure it is a song you truly enjoy and after a little while you will find yourself getting distracted from the situation and just enjoying yourself in the moment.

Call a loved one

Consider for a moment that you may have been trapped in the traffic jam to give yourself a rest that you would not have taken otherwise. Is there anyone you have lost contact with that you have not spoken to in some time? Call that person and catch up with them. Life is short and the time is precious.

Play a game on your phone

Just as music can help keep you calm, games can make time pass very quickly. Some of the most addictive games currently in existence were made specifically for mobile devices so you reach for them when the traffic is at its worst.

As long as you are driving you should expect to encounter traffic from time to time. Even those who take taxis and buses do. It matters little what you encounter, only how you choose to interpret it.