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Modern Composers

Music is part of human existence. When human beings were first evolving, the desire to make sounds evolved with them and from this curious habit came the first examples of musical composition. Over time this became a more structured practice. Instruments were developed in every region that were used to create specific sounds. There were wind, string and several other types in the traditional European orchestra and the composers of the time used them in ingenious ways. There have been many changes in the way this process currently takes place and these will be outlined in this essay.

Musical Tastes

The first people to compose music lived in a very different time. It was simpler, the roles were more clearly defined. If someone were born a noble, they could reasonably expect to remain one for the rest of their life. On the other hand, anyone unfortunate enough to be born into the low state of abject poverty could be just as certain that that state would endure for the rest of his or her life as well. As a result there were songs that peasants listened to and dances that went with them. The movements and music associated with the nobility were different. Modern tastes follow the trends of the current, less rigid way of life.

Production Costs

The cost of making a piece of music has fluctuated. Where at one point in time only a very wealthy person could afford to have a piece of music commissioned, there are many people who can attempt this on their own. The very first musicians made their own instruments so that the only thing the composition process costed them was time but later on time became even more valuable, especially for serfs. Their time belonged to the lords of their manors. The music makers of today have an especially significant advantage that is explained in the last point.

Technological Advances

Someone with even minimal ability can acquire a software program which makes it possible to compose a track using virtual instruments exclusively. They do not even need to know how to read musical notation or play an instrument for this to be possible. This has opened up the industry to anyone with a laptop.

Some of what has been produced in recent times may not really count as music in the strictest sense. There is still evidence of creative expression however.