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Is Homework Important Nowadays: 5 Things To Remember

The importance of homework in the present education environment remains contentious. The debate puts the need of students to have more free time to engage in crucial non-academic work against an assertion that they need to engage in academics beyond the class. The amount of homework and who should get involved in completing the work are the other areas of concern.

The traditional view of the value of homework centered on the need to provide more exercises so that students can master the concepts taught in class. This was the era when academic work mattered above everything else. With other competing interests, it is worth evaluating if such grounds are still valid. What matters in the present day environment?

  1. Independence
  2. Having spent the entire day in class, a student is required to work alone on a few exercises. The teacher directs class work, leaving the student with nothing much to do. Homework offers the same student a chance to test his memory and whether similar concepts can be applied in other areas. In the absence of the teacher, a student will find different ways of arriving at a solution.

  3. Initiative
  4. Completing homework requires students to have detailed plans and find time every day to complete the work. This is important in instilling a sense of personal initiative instead of depending on direction from the teacher. Personal initiative helps students to take on work and responsibilities later in life without having to be directed by any senior or authority.

  5. Parent involvement
  6. The involvement of parents or guardians in completing the work ensures that such parents take interest in the academic affairs of their children. It is a time to inquire about difficulties and other social aspects of schooling. It gives the concerned student confidence in the knowledge that he or she has a reliable person whenever thing get difficult in life.

  7. Priorities
  8. With numerous interests competing for attention and time allocation for the student, homework is an opportunity to identify the valuable priorities in life. Instead of engaging in games and other pass time activities, the student recognizes the importance of school work and pays adequate attention to it. These priorities are important in life.

  9. Must do’s in life
  10. Homework is never interesting but has to be completed for a student to achieve long term goals. With this understanding, such a student identifies that certain things must be done even though they are not interesting. When this is applied in life, it becomes an important part of character formation and success.