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Using Contraceptives

Birth control is one of the major things been considered by many governments in the world today. That is the simple reason as to why contraceptives and their use is the major topic on the lips of many people. There are many types of contraceptives that are allowed for use in the world today depending on their safety and efficiency. It is however a big bone of contention with the major Catholic Church being against the use of contraceptives. It has on several accounts been put on record warning its followers against the use of contraceptives.

Birth Control pills

Despite all this it is not very clear if these contraceptives are really a safe means and a lot of questions have been brought forward. A lot of questions of safety of the contraceptives are ones that is mainly asked by many. This is especially when birth control pills are used. It is always good to understand that different methods will react differently to different people. Birth control pills have effect on the hormonal functions of the body and will thus affect different women differently. It is thus good to seek to understand how your body works so as to be able to decide on what birth control pill to use. Women are thus advised to make sure that they visit their local clinics or personal doctors for good advice before they can settle on a certain pill.

Who should not use birth control pills?

There are many things that physicians will look into so as to know what type of pill or contraceptive method to adopt. They will make use of your health history and additional tests so as to make sure they have enough details and information to base on before deciding on the correct contraceptive method. Microgynon is one of the most used pills and is believed to have the right standards. It is used by women and is only allowed for use by women who do not have the following problems; heart valve conditions, high blood pressure, genital tract cancer, blood clots, breast cancer and heart attacks. It is not wise to prescribe it for women who are above 50 years of age or obese. Women who are habitual or chain smokers are also advised not to use the pill.

Birth control pills are readily available in your local clinics and it’s good to choose wisely the pill you use. It is advisable that pregnant and breast feeding women or even those planning to get pregnant.