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Yoga And Health

Like many physical exercises, yoga is a physical exercise that mainly concentrates on body postures. The body postures are used to enhance body and mind exercise in an effort to gain mastery over the emotions and the mind. In the recent times, people realise the need for physical fitness to help boost the general bodily health. Researchers and doctors have discovered that some chronic diseases can be averted by use of appropriate physical exercise. Yoga having a long history and well-structured techniques is one of the worldwide accepted means of physical health to boost physical and mental health. Yoga has its history in India.

Although yoga never began as a means of maintaining physical fitness, it has been incorporated in medical therapy with a few adjacent to boost physical fitness. Yoga practitioners are referred by different names depending on the gender. A female practitioner is commonly referred to as a yogini whereas a male practitioner is known as a yogin. Yoga has many medical benefits to those who practise it. The purpose of yoga is to create awareness, strength and harmony largely important in both the body and the mind. Yoga is based on the principles of preventive medicine and the ability of the body to fully heal itself.

The health benefits of Yoga and health

In the modern application of yoga, it has evolved from mere exercise to incorporate breathing, flexibility and strength to help boost the human mental and physical well-being. Yoga has many health benefits like coping with depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety lead to stress. Stress is very harmful to individual health in general. Stress can manifest itself in many ways that include neck pain or back pain, headaches, sleeping problems, inability to concentrate and drug abuse. Yoga is a mind-body medical intervention that helps in reduction of parameters of stress. It develops great coping skills and achieves a more positive outlook on life.

Secondly, Yoga helps an individual in improving her or his mental well-being. Yoga poses that are based on breathing and meditation help create mental calmness and clarity. Yoga practises help in sharpening attention through centring attention, relaxing the mind and improving body awareness. The body and self-awareness associated with yoga practises are very crucial as it helps an individual in detecting early physical problems and ailments.

The disadvantages of yoga and health

Yoga practises may have some side effects that are risky. If yoga is not practised appropriately under the guidance of a well-trained instructor, it can lead to dire side effects. Some of the rare cases associated with practising yoga include pain and some types of stroke linked with nerve damage.