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How Feudalism Works

Feudalism was introduced early during the medieval times. It was a new form of government back in the day before a more contemporary sense of government was introduced. This kind of a government system works in the form of a dictatorship. This means that a lord controls the land. In a nutshell, the person who willingly takes the land becomes the vassal. Moreover, the one who grants it to him is declared the liege or the noble aristocrat. This particular sort of a deal is made final with an oath taking ceremony, with confirmations made with hands on the Bible.

Several things are taken into consideration with regards to the land, such as:

  1. What quality is the land
  2. Is the fighter’s skill worth it?
  3. What are the local customs?
  4. Are the liege lord’s finances settled?

First Feudalism

  1. Initially, feudalism was not in favor of a unified government.
  2. Individual aristocrats sub-divided their lands to provide for knights and other minor rulers.
  3. These smaller nobles in turn subdivided their personal lands to even further areas handing them to out to even lesser significant knights.
  4. Every knight had to swear his own oath to declare his loyalty towards what was bestowed on him. This was required nonetheless.
  5. Feudal government can be declared a rather person arrangement held between two or more individuals and did not involve any citizen or state affairs.
  6. The major thing that held the entire system together was the sense of loyalty that binds the individuals to each other.
Second Feudalism
  1. Feudalism did not encourage any kind of trade or any economic growth.
  2. Hence the land that was handed out had to be taken care by just the farmers. They were allocated their desired area and were forbidden to move hither and thither or even look after a land that did not fall under their care. If under crucial circumstances a change was necessary, they had to take the permission of their lord before doing so.

Hence, these were the varying ways in which the concept of feudalism works. Though it is not that encouraged in the 21st century, it still exists in several areas where loyalty is considered significant above all else.

In practice, these occurrences eventually took the shape of no less than being economic necessities, but in theory, they were generous gifts. These were the gifts handed down by the liege lord to his former serfs only and always in exchange of something beneficial to them.