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Where To Search For Proper Answers To My French Homework

Learning another language is challenging, especially the older you get. As you learn a new language in school, you might often feel frustrated by your difficulty to grasp certain subjects and rules. Unfortunately, when it comes to grades and homework, there sometimes is not a lot of leeway for you to mess up and learn from your errors. French is one of the romance languages, and is very closely related to Spanish and Italian. There are still some huge differences between the languages, though, and it can make learning a new language even more confusing if you already know another one. When you are struggling to complete your French homework, you might want to double check and verify the answers you put down are correct.

Here are some places you can check for proper answers for your French homework.

  • Online: The Internet makes several resources readily available for you to take advantage of. When completing homework, you can often type in a question you are not sure of and see what others come up with. Of course, like all things posted online, you must take some things with a grain of salt. Taking an answer from the internet does not necessarily ensure that it is correct, so make sure you are taking it from a trustworthy or credible site.
  • The library: The library houses several academic professionals, including teachers, tutors, and librarians. Many of them can help you themselves, or refer you to someone who can help you out.
  • An old textbook: You can find this in any library or bookstore. Many textbooks reuse questions, especially when the same publisher publishes them. Check for older editions of books to see if there are answer guides or explanations in the back. If you cannot find an older edition in person, the Internet usually has .pdf files available for you to purchase or download.
  • Ask a teacher: Your French teacher will likely be happy to help you with your homework. So long as they see you applying some effort to complete it, they will help you come to the correct answer and explain why that response is correct. If your specific teacher cannot help, try asking other teachers who teach the same language, or asking friends who have taken the class in the past. If you know anyone who took the class before you, they might still have their notes, filled with answers and explanations.

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